Lorenzo farm, historic home of the barberis which lies located in a very suggestive location of cortemilia, is surrounded by vineyards, hazel and terraces. The latter, ancient stone walls of various heights dating back to the late ‘ 800, stretch over small batches of arable land on steep hills. The unique climate produced by terraces, the proximity to the sea, the marly soil and quality of work create a unique terroir, which allows us to reach and ensure a high quality standard product.



Wine is made exclusively of the farm’s grapes.

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The “round gentle and trilobite” hazelnut originates exclusively from our own Hazel trees.

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Barberis Farm has its own certification in order to produce wines and halelnuts

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la cucina del senza

La Cucina del Senza

We are mentioned on this book which represents an affirmation of our value considering the great  accuracy and importance of [...]

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