Chardonnay, what a surprise!

Chardonnay, what a surprise!

Chardonnay, che sorpresa!

What a surprise!

Yes, it is the statement we hear the most of the time, among our tasters. Chardonnay is a wine of undisputed worldwide fame, versatile, popular and widely distributed that it often slips into the predictable. But with our Langhe DOC Chardonnay, the music changes. And it is a melody that still has the privilege of surprising even the skeptics and changing their mind even to the most puritanical of taste.
chardonnayTo put it black on white – we affirm it with pride – was the well-known food and wine critic and journalist Marcello Coronini, who needed only a sip of our beloved white to invite us to participate in “Gusto in Scena“, an event of international appeal from himself created and edited, and held in Venice, in the evocative setting of the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista. It was 2015. Since then, we are regularly present at the festival with our wines every year.

What a surprise!
Yes, our Chardonnay continues to amaze because it represents everything that is not expected: elegance, a strong character and, at the same time, incredibly charming, but above all unusual perfumes.
Even on pairings, the Chardonnay can surprise. White meats, fish dishes, delicate first plates, tasty appetizers. All lasting cohabitation, of course. But if you try it with a tasting of Piedmontese toasted hazelnuts…it makes a perfect wedding!

Have we intrigued you? Now we can reveal his secrets…

Our vineyard cultivated with Chardonnay is a plant that dates back to the early 90s. Specifically, it is a particular form of farming called a casarsa or high spurred cordon, in which the vine is placed at a higher height from the ground so that it can benefit from the greater thermal excursion deriving from it. This further favors the accumulation of those aroma which, later on, are extracted in the cellar thanks to a careful skin maceration, through which the grapes are pressed and left to macerate the skins for 24 hours, after having added the necessary natural enzymes. At the end of the process, the scents pass from the peel to the juice and from the juice to the wine, directly into your glass! And if we add to them also the curious flavor that the proximity to the sea gives us, it is likely that not a drop of the Chardonnay remains on your table!


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