The” trilobite round and gentle” shelled and toasted hazelnut derives exclusively from the family own Hazel owned hazel trees. The total production (around 90, only a part of is shelled and/or toasted.

Although it is suitable to different geographical areas, this variety finds its best location in Alta Langa; this combination results in an excellent product.

Three-lobed shape (hence the name) contains a large and persistent aromatic content. The palate feels the crisp and it emanates a sweet, intense, oily and sometimes astringent taste.

Its finds greatest expression in the combination with chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, pasta and meat dishes.  If you add salt creating a particular matching you can use it as an aperitif.

This precious fruit has also been remarkably well-known for its cosmetic properties. The company offers the hazelnuts in shell, raw, shelled and toasted in various formats.