The company plays by cutting kernels seedlings Tonda Gentile Trilobata (T.G.T.), variety, considered among the best in the world for its features: the result clear, thin shell, high output to shelling, good peel to roasting and maintaining taste and aroma in the processing is completed.

The farm Barberis is authorized by The Italian health service and it is accredited by the Piedmont region with the code # CN/01/0014.

In order to get from the Piedmont region the suitability and the certification for the production of the material, the stump is annually subject to plant-health checks.

From the stump are taken annually the suckers to be planted in the nursery; in the fall, after the uprooting, the seedlings undergo a careful selection ensuring the customer a high quality and uniform in order to be marketed.

The company has 1 and 2 years of seedlings.