The quality of the wines is set UP in the vineyard: the usage of rootstocks and of a variety of rooted cuttings for wine production is essential to get high quality standards. Scions and rootstocks, mainly produced on the farm, are of safe and selected varietal origin and kept under costant health and agronomic control.

The Experience won by the company over the years allows them to choose of top quality merchandise, ensuring a prestigious grape and wine production.

Barberis farm has its own fields of mother and certified rootstocks plants

All verietis produced can be graft on rootstocks in the table as the below-shown table

% Ca
Vigor Adaptable to lands att.
Drought Dry Fresh Wet Melted Clay Fertile poor Saline
5 B B
(Berl. x Rip.)
18 **** * ***** * *** *** *** ** **
(Berl. x Rip.)
22 ***** **** ***** * *** *** * **** ***** ****
*****Excellent, **** Good, *** Fair, ** Sufficent, * Insufficent.

The combination terroir-rootstocks-variety is fundamental to obtain the ultimate expression of your territory. For this reason the farm can help you in the rootstock’s selection and varieties better adapted to your reality.

If you need the farm produce rooted with your selected scions or old   varieties.

Wine Grapes

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