“A great terroir, mild climate thanks to by the sea wind, passion and hard work in the vineyards produce extraordinary wines”

The wine produced by barberis farm is made exclusively from our grapes.

The wines grown are Moscato,(act to become Moscato of Asti D.O.C.G. and Piedmont Moscato D.O.C.), Dolcetto (act to become Dolcetto of Alba D.O.C), Chardonnay (for Langhe D.O.C Chardonnay), Barbera (for Barbera Of Asti D.O.C.G.) and Merlot.

The annual outcome of 12.000 wines bottles DOC/G is obtained by transforming 25% of the grapes; the percentage is maintained such as to have high quality standards.

Even if the barberis farm has not a biological attitude, the vineyard treatments are minimized and environmentally; the following production taking place in the cellar, thus allowing the production of a product to be comparable to a biological one.

Our goal: is to keep the craftsmanship as a special production criterium.